Wednesday Tip: Consider a Clinical Trial!

We had dinner with friends over the weekend who have a son with a severe peanut allergy.  While my friend Pyeatt and I were studying the backs of cracker boxes to see which ones were safe for Mitchell, Pyeatt said, “We won’t be doing this much longer!”

Their family–after some very scary races to the emergency room–is elated to be taking part in a clinical trial using injections of experimental medication that will greatly reduce Mitchell’s peanut allergy.

Which got me thinking.

There are many clinical trials for people with T1D.  In the fiscal year 2011, JDRF funded 53!  Some use immunotherapy to see if we can halt or slow the immune attack.  Some use different devices to see if T1D can be better managed with better tools.  New outpatient trials of the artificial pancreas may completely alter the way we approach T1D!

Taking part in these is an important step in moving us closer to a cure.

Will was lucky enough to do a Metabolic Control Study with Bruce Buckingham that catapulted our family onto the bleeding edge of continuous glucose monitoring.

Taking part is also a profoundly personal decision.  This decision is based on many factors.  While some trials have potential benefit to the patient, others simply gather data.  Some carry risk.  Some can be disappointing, others life-changing.

But with every clinical trial–even those that fail–we are one step closer to the cure.

In weeks to come, I will mention specific trials that might fit with your interests, your family’s priorities, your lifestyle.

In the meantime, take a look at the sites below to see if one pops out at you.  You will be doing a good turn for everyone living with the disease!

JDRF Clinical Trials Connection >

TrialNet >

Clinical >

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